Staci is a great person to work with. She organized, proactive, and a person who take you to a

goal step by step. She is good communicator, I was impressed by her approach to set goal and

achieve it. I highly recommend her for career coaching.

Vijay Sharma, PhD, PMP, Scientist

Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology

Staci was kind enough to share with me several practical, context-based, and actionable ideas that were uniquely tailored to how I could best navigate a major career transition. I was mostly impressed by her ability to genuinely empathize with my life-career goals and challenges, which convinced me of her profound understanding of just how much our vocational/work identity interact, impact, and intersect with the other important and salient identities we inhabit as human beings across the lifespan. Put simply, it is apparent that Staci practices a holistic and developmental approach to the life-career trajectory of her clients, which integrate past experiences with current aspirations. In my experience, this component of her expertise, while theoretically endorsed within her field, remains elusive and uncommon in how career development interventions are delivered by the average practitioner. If you ever need the services of a career development facilitator, I wholly recommend that schedule a consultation with Infinity.

Christopher M. Johnson, Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology

Executive Director at RecognizeGood

Meeting Staci was one of the highlights of my year – her approach to coaching is thoughtful and well-reasoned, her ability to connect with people one-on-one is truly special, and her belief in giving back to the community is inspiring. The world needs more intelligent, altruistic professionals like Staci!

Joel Michael Coffman, client